Chiddingly Parish Council


Mission Statement


The Council will work to ensure the provision of high quality services in our community through the application of good governance, accountability and transparency to improve the quality of life of its residents.





  • The Parish Council will provide the opportunity for consultation on planning applications, within the time frames permitted.
  • The Parish Council will maintain and endeavor to improve the general civic amenities enjoyed by the Parish residents, and within the powers of the Parish Council.
  • The Parish Council will liaise with East Sussex County Council highways department to ensure roads, footpaths and bridleways are maintained to a high and safe standard within the Parish.
  • The Parish Council will apply good financial management and control of the precept (budget) by following correct budgeting and reporting procedures as laid down by statute.




Parish Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month (with the exception of August) at 7.30pm in Chiddingly Village Hall. Planning Committee meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month.


The agenda for both the parish council and planning committee meetings are published on the website, with at least three working days notice of the meeting.


Parishioners are welcome to attend the meetings, and before each meeting formally convenes they may ask questions and/or make a statement.


Agendas and Minutes are available by email. Please contact the clerk to be added to the mailing list.




Photography credits

The parish council would like to thank the following people for kindly sharing their photos on our website.


Lucy Carnaghan, Jane Brymer, Rosie Dadswell, Max Higgs, Martin Surgey, Caroline Surgey, Steve Tolhurst, Ruth Rance, Rachael Smith, Mike Goss, Steve Newham.

Latest News


TV Licence Scam
25th November 2019



Please see the attached document for details of a scam


Wealden Parish Bulletin
14th November 2019



Wealden's parish bulletin


Wealden Police Engagement newsletter
14th November 2019



The Wealden Police engagement newsletter


New Rural Crime PCSO for Wealden and Eastbourne
29th October 2019


Olivia Clinton - the dedicated Rural, Wildlife, Heritage and Agricultural Office - newly appointed for the Wealden and Eastbourne areas.





I would like to introduce myself as Lewes, Wealden and Eastbourne's Rural Crime PCSO for Sussex Police.


I am a dedicated Rural, Wildlife, Heritage and Agricultural Officer newly appointed to this area. I will be working closely with the communities that sometimes feel that there is a lack of police presence due to their location and the issues that go along side with this. There is more information about my post in the link:



As of November 4th 2019, Sussex Police is changing the model for PCSOs and each local area will be appointed one which will be dedicated to it. Please read more about this change through this link



Even though my role is separate to this model, as I will be covering a large area, I would love to work closely with your parish's rural residents and business'. This includes farmers, wildlife and animal services etc.


Please don't hesitate to contact me about any issues relating to the rural community. I would love to meet residents and make my face known around the area!


Thank You,

Olivia Clinton

Rural Crime PCSO 38259

Eastbourne, Wealden and Lewes District

Hailsham Prevention Team C




ESCC Deer Aware Campaign
21st October 2019



MOTORISTS in East Sussex are being urged to be 'deer aware' to avoid colliding with the creatures on rural roads.


Every year there are an estimated 74,000 deer-related traffic collisions in the UK, with the risk of encountering the animals on the road increasing during the mating season in October and November.



East Sussex County Council is using social media to offer simple tips for drivers to ensure they stay safe on the county's network of rural roads this autumn.


People should take particular care in areas where there are deer warning signs or heavily wooded roads, at night and around dawn and dusk, when deer are most likely to venture out.


Cllr Bill Bentley, county council lead member for community safety, said: We're lucky in East Sussex to have some stunning countryside which provides an ideal habitat for deer. These animals may appear on the road suddenly unexpectedly, particularly at this time of year, and the results of a collision with a deer can be very serious indeed. By following some simple tips, drivers can keep themselves safe and ensure these magnificent creatures can continue to roam freely and thrive in our beautiful countryside.


People are advised to use full-beam headlights at night if no other cars are around, as they will reflect the deer's eyes, but dip their headlights when they see a deer to avoid startling it.


Deer often travel in groups so if drivers see one crossing the road they should slow down and drive with caution as others may follow.


Anyone who hits a deer is advised to stay calm, park in a safe place with hazard lights on and call the police on 101, or 999 if someone is injured or the deer is in the road.


People should not approach or try to comfort an injured deer, as it may make the animal more distressed or cause it to run back into the road.



PCSOs allocation and delpoyment
14th October 2019


Message from Sussex Police



Dear all,


I am writing to share some changes to the way Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) will be allocated and deployed from Monday 4 November.


The precept uplift this year was an exciting opportunity to strengthen key areas of the force to meet increasing demand and new challenges, while adhering to our priorities: keeping people safe, protecting the vulnerable and responding to harm.


As part of this uplift and in line with our rolling four year Transformation Strategy, the Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne agreed to fund an additional 100 PCSOs taking the total number of PCSOs to 296.


We have delivered PCSO recruitment campaigns in March and August this year, with a view of intakes of PCSOs in July and September 2019 and January and March 2020. This means that with an uplift in PCSOs, communities will start to see and feel a difference as these roles are deployed to strengthen local policing.


The bolstering of PCSO numbers will help us; working with our partners and local communities to address low level issues before they can escalate into more serious crime as well as identify and keep safe the most vulnerable people in our communities.


This decision complements on-going plans to strengthen local policing and improve how the public can contact the police.


If you have any further questions or concerns please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Yours sincerely


Anita Turner

Chief Inspector


District Commander

Eastbourne, Lewes and Weald

East Sussex Division



Named PCSO for every local community – Sussex Police


Every community in Sussex will have a named PCSO starting from next month, Sussex Police has announced.




Named PCSO for every local community - Sussex Police


Every community in Sussex will have a named PCSO starting from next month, Sussex Police has announced.


The confirmation follows an investment in 100 extra PCSOs, secured through local funding by Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne - bringing the total number to 296.


Chief Constable Giles York said the decision will put 'eyes and ears' into every part of the county and give local people a direct point of contact for local policing issues and concerns.


"When we introduced the new local policing model three years ago, we said it would be scalable. Now, thanks to this additional investment, we're in a position to strengthen local policing and we know this is what local communities want to see," said Mr York.


"Our PCSOs do an incredible job, every day, working alongside their police officer colleagues to prevent and detect crime and tackle anti-social behaviour in our local communities.


"This change means communities will soon begin to see and feel the benefits of their investment as new PCSOs are deployed over the coming months, where they will provide a visible policing presence and be a point of contact for local policing issues."


The change will take effect from November 4, when all existing PCSOs will adopt responsibility for a defined geographical area, and be rolled out over the coming months as the additional PCSOs are recruited and deployed.


It comes in addition to recent announcements on the recruitment of 379 additional police officers for the county over the next four years.


Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said:


"My focus groups and conversations with local people clearly show that the public want PCSOs back in their communities, forming that essential and reassuring link with police. Neighbourhood Policing needed modernising five years ago and that included giving PCSOs the necessary skills to help support police officers and investigations.


"Since then, Sussex Police have transformed the role of PCSOs by equipping them with more knowledge, skills and powers, but at the same time keeping the best of the old model where PCSOs were known in their local communities. I know that communities across the county will be delighted to hear Sussex Police are making their PCSOs more accessible and visible by increasing the numbers on our streets by 100 and providing a named PCSO for each ward area."


PSCOs will continue to form part of wider local prevention teams, ensuring that finite police resources can be focused on the most critical issues.


The uplift in PCSOs includes six new rural PCSOs who will provide specialist support and advice to those in rural communities.


The increase will help address some of the low level issues affecting communities, preventing the escalation of more serious crime and violence.


The decision complements ongoing transformation plans by Sussex Police to strengthen local policing, modernise to respond to changing patterns of serious crime and the ways in which the public can contact the police.


These additional PCSO posts are being recruited throughout the financial year with intakes of 18 in July 2019, 36 in September 2019, 36 in January 2020 and 36 in March 2020 under the PCSO apprenticeship scheme.


The 100 new posts will be allocated based on demand with details available locally and at from November 4.



Hailsham Food Bank
30th September 2019


If you would like to make a donation to the food bank there is a plastic dustbin just inside the church on the right hand side.



Items needed:

Longlife milk



Tinned vegetables

Tinned rice pudding/custard/fruit

Instant mashed potato and tinned tomatoes

Tinned meat

Savoury treats - crisps etc

Peanut butter, chocolate spread, marmite

Tomator ketchup and brown sauce

Sponge puddings/cakes with long best before date

Washing machine tablets and washing up liquid

Toiletires - shower gel, shampoo, deodrant, toothpaste


Swnasbrook Lane - road closure
24th September 2019


Temporary Road Closure


See full article


Wealden District Councillors
12th June 2019



Please click on the link to see who the Wealden District Councillors are.



Election Results
4th May 2019



Please click on the link to see the parish election results.


Chiddingly Community Orchard


Chiddingly now has its very own community orchard!!




How to contact Wealden Citizen Advice Bureu



Please click on the link to see how you can contact Wealden Citizen Advice Breau


Vacancy for a Councillor



There is vacancy for a Cllr on Chiddingly Parish Council, please see the attached notice.

Forthcoming Events


Friends of St Annes, Kalimpong


The friends of St Annes, Kalimpong (FOSAK) are taking a stall at the village market on the first Saturday in October, November and December.



As in past years they will be selling Christmas gifts, james, jellies, much sought after lemon curd, home crafted crackers, wreaths and this year locally designed christmas cards.


A Christmas Cracker 20.12.19 SAVE THE DATE!
30th September 2019


Friday 20th December



After an 8 year break Friday 20th December sees the return of the Christmas Cracker, a festive party with homemade entertainment, homemade food and a pocket panto.

This is a chance to get together in the Village Hall and meet friends and neighbours and share some seasonal cheer.

Admission will remain at 50p per person.

Please bring along a plate of food to share, and if you have an idea to entertain the crowd then bring that too.


Dancing Club
30th September 2019


Dancing Club at Chiddingly Village Hall. Commencing 25th October 2019.



Sequence dancing and ballroom, by request.

Friday evenings 8-10 p.m.

Commencing 25th October 2019.

Why not join us for a social evening of light hearted dancing.

Beginners welcome.

Causal dress.

For further information please contact Dave Fittal 01825 872521


Golden Cross Youth Club
30th September 2019


Fridays 7 p.m. til 8.45 p.m.




Activities include table tennis, snooker, games, crafts and much more.


Burns Night Fundriasing dinner
22nd November 2019



24th January 2019


Portrait of Space
22nd November 2019


Sat 7 December 2019 at 5pm

West Gate Chapel, Lewes



Tickets now available for

Portrait of Space

a performance which tells the story of the life of Roland Penrose. Using words written or spoken by Roland and his friends and edited by Antony Penrose to form a witty and emotional narrative.



The Chiddingly Village Shop and Café will be hosting two special sessions of The History Club this Winter.
22nd November 2019


The Chiddingly Village Shop and Café will be hosting two special sessions of The History Club this Winter.


'The Thin Red line' is a two part presentation of the experiences of junior medical officers during the Falklands Conflict (Operation Corporate) as described in their Medical Officers Journals compiled at the time.



10.30 am Monday 25th November 2019

Part one: Introduction , Medical Support, Prelude, The journey south and the loss of HMS Sheffield.

10.30 am Monday 27th January 2020

Part two: Build-up and landings at Ajax Bay, Consolidation and Success, Return and Reflection, Historical Context and Conclusion.


These sessions will be presented by Andy Meredith, a student of Portsmouth university, studying for a Masters Degree in Naval History; a retired Surgeon Commander RN and retiring (slowly!) NHS Consultant.


Everyone is welcome so please bring friends or villagers who may be interested. There will be a small charge of £5 to cover yea/coffee and a slice of cake/flapjack.





6th December 2019



Please see the attached flyer for Aladdin production.


Lee Miller Pop Up Shop
6th December 2019



POP-UP shop in Lewes

The perfect occasion to find unique gifts from the Lee Miller Archives.

4 pm -7 pm Saturday 7 December 2019

Westgate Chapel, 92a High Street Lewes BN7 1XH